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8 Reasons

Are you looking for just one good reason to hire Hullett Photography for your next family portrait?

I can give you eight! Check out my latest blog entry to see all eight reasons.

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Photographic Memories

Photographs do an amazing job of freezing a moment in time and giving it back to us in the form of memories. A old snapshot found in the back of a drawer can open a floodgate of emotions, trigger memories of names and places. It's the closest we will ever get to time travel. If that photograph had never been taken, or if it had been lost along the way you might have forgotten that precious memory forever.

Unfortunately, people do tend to lose and abuse snapshots. How many faded, discolored photos have you discovered in the back of a drawer? Snapshots in your wallet are subjected to temperature fluctuations, accidental washings, and getting stuck in the plastic sleeve. How many thousands of photos have been lost at the demise of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. And of course, the unthinkable, a flood or fire, can destroy the most cherished of portraits.

We think of these precious photographs as irreplaceable. And many are. However portraits by Hullett Photography are different. My portraits are printed on acid-free photographic paper or canvas which reduces discoloration and fading. All portraits leave the studio framed or included in an album, a book, or some other presentation. This adds a level of protection and promotes careful handling. Therefore, they will stand the test of time, allowing them to be enjoyed by future generations.

But I don't stop there. I have added another level of protection, an insurance policy of a sort. I archive all the photographs included in your final order. Not only do I archive them at my studio, but I also utilize an off-site cloud back-up service. Just by purchasing a portrait from Hullett Photography, you have guaranteed that you will always have the option of replacing a lost portrait or buying an additional copy.

I value your portraits as much as you do!

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