My services:

  • Adult Lifestyle: I capture individuals or couples in a natural setting of your choosing. I can provide some guidance on location, clothing choices, and props. Lets talk about what it would take to capture the real you.
  • Family Lifestyle: Lets get your entire family in front of the camera! Your probably already have a favorite location, and I have ideas that you may not have considered. And why not get ideas from the kids? I have suggestions about clothing and props as well.
  • Baby's First Year: Baby's First Year is a special package of five portrait sessions. We set up a tentative session date, based on your baby's due date, ideally 5 to 10 days after birth. This is followed by 4 more sessions occurring at 3 months, 6 months,
    9 months, and 12 months. At the end you will have a portrait collection depicting your child's amazing first year. There are several options for displaying these photos: A wall of framed portraits, a photo collage, or a baby book like none you have seen before.
  • Kid Lifestyle: This can be incorporated into the Family Lifestyle portrait session without any addition cost, however, I also offer it as a stand alone package. The focus is on your child or children in a natural setting. I capture the innocence and playfulness that comes so easy to little ones. Give me a call and we can discuss location,
  • Teen Lifestyle: Teens have a very clear idea how they want to be portrayed in photographs. They come with attitude and I love working with them. My pre-session conversation with them is very important for picking location, clothes, props, and theme.
  • Corporate Image: My studio would be appropriate for one-on-one sessions, however I am happy to bring the setup to your office. This would be ideal if portraits of the entire staff are needed. While I'm there, why not a group photo? Discounts are available for multiple portrait sessions. Call for a quote.
  • Model Portfolio: If you are an aspiring model call me to discuss what you currently need for your portfolio. I can go on location or shoot in my private studio. I can arrange for a hair and makeup artist to attend the shoot for an extra fee.


Lifestyle Session Fees

Lifestyle sessions are scheduled for a minimum of 2 hours.
Includes adults, couples, families, newborns, kids, and teen portraits.

  • In studio or anywhere in Guilford County, NC:: $200.00
  • Outside the county, $200.00 plus mileage charge.
  • Additional hours can be scheduled ahead of time at $100/hour.
  • Baby's First Year Session Fees

    Baby's First Year includes five portrait sessions. The cost of these portrait session fees would add up to $1000 if scheduled individually. However, as a special gift to new parents I have designed a payment plan that makes it much more affordable.

    Each session can be at a different location. Discuss with me your location
    choices at least one week in advance of each session.

  • All five sessions within Guilford County: $500 paid in advance ($500 savings)
  • Optional payment plan: $250 plus $70 prior to each session ($400 savings).
  • Outside the county, mileage charge paid upon occurrence.
  • Corporate Image Fees

    One-on-one corporate sessions are scheduled for one hour at my studio (see note 1).
    This allows time for optional changes of clothes for different looks.
    If you want a hair and makeup stylist, I can schedule a professional stylist to
    arrive 30 minutes before the session (see note 2). The stylist is paid separately
    and starts at $75 for one look and $125 for up to three looks (see note 2).
    Optionally, you can bring your own stylist. Call for a quote if you want me to set up a mobile studio at your office. This arrangement requires time and space flexibility, especially if your entire staff is involved.

  • One hour in the studio: $100.00
  • Additional hours can be scheduled ahead of time at $100/hour.
  • At your office: Call for quote.

  • Note:
    1. Not limited to one person. Others may be included in the session by pre-arrangement.
    2. Additional time may be needed.

    Modeling Portfolio Session Fees

    All modeling sessions are scheduled for a minimum of 3 hours.
    If you want a hair and makeup stylist, I can schedule a professional stylist to
    arrive 30 minutes before the session (see note 1). The stylist is paid separately
    and starts at $75 for one look and $125 for up to three looks (see note 2).
    Optionally, you can bring your own stylist.

  • In the studio: $300.00
  • Anywhere in Guilford County, NC: $300.00
  • Outside the county, $300.00 plus mileage charge.
  • Additional hours can be scheduled ahead of time at $100/hour.

  • Notes:
    1. Session start time may need to be adjusted to work with the stylist's schedule.
    2. Prices are subject to change.

    Print Products

    Hullett Photography is not a department store studio, so I don't sell portrait packages. However, there are price breaks for quantity purchases. I am quite happy to quote
    prices once you know the sizes and quantities of prints, framing, etc. Printing and
    framing services are provided by third-party professionals,so prices are subject to change.

    I will honor written quotes for up to 30 days. Once you place your order, prices
    are guaranteed. However, if 30 days have passed since the quote, please request
    a new quote before ordering to avoid an unwelcomed surprise.

    Restoration Services

    Restoration services can include anything from removing a few small scratches to
    reassembling a torn up photo. The price of this service is based on the amount of
    damage that needs to be reversed. Each project will be priced accordingly.
    Call for an appointment. I need to see the scope of the damage to quote an accurate price.

    Novelty Merchandise

    There are many fun and cool products that can be imprinted with your photos
    (see note 1). Ask to see our catalog of products when you visit my studio.
    Some of the more popular items are:

  • iPhone skins
  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Mouse Pads
  • Calendars (Desk calendar or 12 page wall calendar.)

  • Note:
    1. Customer approves all designs prior to imprinting.

    Making the Irreplaceable Replaceable

    Lifetime Reordering: Although I will take a lot of photographs at your session, you will probably only order certain select photos. Whether you order just a single large portrait to hang over your sofa or a dozen small prints for a scrapbook project, the photos you order are precious to you. That is why the originals of the photos you order will be safely and securely stored forever in a cloud server with redundant backups. If you ever want another print of the portraits you fell in love with you can always order another in any size, or imprint it on any product. Unordered photographs have an expiration date. After one year, unordered photographs are destroyed.

    Photo Restoration: You probably have some time-worn photographs that have seen better days. If you have kept them this long they are probably worth restoring. I can erase scratches and staining, correct fading and discoloration, and even reassemble a ripped photo if all or most of the crucial pieces are still available. You will receive a quality print of the same size as the original, inserted in the original frame if applicable. You will also have the option of ordering any number of prints of varying sizes, framed or not. The original photograph will be returned in its damaged condition, unframed. And just like any photograph you order from Hullett Photography, the restored version of your photograph will be stored forever for reordering.

    Working with a Tight Budget

    Pre-payment Plans: I require full payment for portrait sessions on or before the session date. For some of my clients this may be difficult to do. but I am more than willing to work with you to make this happen. We can set up a pre-payment plan that fits within your budget. All it takes is a little planning and a small payment once a month. I do not charge any interest on pre-payment plans, so this would be better than using a credit card. The ideal way to set this up, is to pay for the session and at least one framed portrait, since that is a minimum requirement for my services. If we figure everything perfectly your bill will be paid in full prior to the session, including the framed portrait. But usually the final bill will be slightly different because of varying prices for frames and other options. One of us will need to pay the difference to the other to make it balance. Even if you have to pay something extra, it will be on the day you pick up your portrait, usually a couple weeks after the session. I will contact you ahead of time with the final amount, if applicable.

    Lay Away Plan: I know how difficult it can be to choose only one portrait when there are so many great ones to choose from. Or maybe you have decided at the last minute that the grandparents would love to have the same portrait on their walls. I do require that you purchase (paid in full) one framed portrait within two weeks of the portrait session. But after that you may use my lay away plan for additional products. I require 25% of the entire order as a first payment. Each month, another 25% payment is due. The production of these additional products are put on hold until at least 75% of the payment has been made. You can make the last 25% payment when you pick up the products. The Lay-Away plan cannot be used for the first framed portrait. But it can be used for reprints of that portrait, or any other portrait taken during the session. Keep in mind that unordered photographs do have an expiration date. After one year, unordered photographs are destroyed.

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